Peter Thiel's theory on "optionality chasers" came to mind while reading this article on the 12 Questions That Will Change Your Life.

Just finished two new great books: Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Great stuff and both books are very inspiring.

Read this great book The Inevitable by the founder of Wired Kevin Kelly, on the twelve technological forces that will shape the next thirty years.

I am a huge fan of Wes Anderson. I loved this Mini Documentary in his own style. The soundtrack is great too.

Watch Kevin Spacy Talk About VR and Education.

Jason Fried writes about Taking Five Minutes to Evaluate an Idea.

This is a story about two roads —  Should and Must . It’s a pep talk for anyone who’s chosen Should for far too long and feels like it’s about time they gave Must a shot.